Friday, 22 May 2020

Stash Dasth!  I was ready to proclaim my goals at about 2 a.m. but the threads were all locked till a bit later today.  I checked at 6 but Laura of the KnitGirllls was sleeping later than I do.  Or maybe she has a life and I don't?  I am raring to go.

So how is this different than my regular knitting?  Not at all.  Not at all, but still different.  And that is part of the silly of stash dash. I prepped yesterday as I planned and then I spent some time working on the brown.  The Brown sweater is going to be my first project completed for stash dash. 

There is still work to go before that happens though.  This morning finds my constant companion Brown, looking like this.  One wrist complete and the second sleeve begun.  It was looking great till the landlord tried it on.

For all our measuring, sleeve one is short by about a half an inch.  The ribbing is going to come off and I am going to add a full inch to that first sleeve. No namby pamby wiffly waffly half for this knitter. 

That change will happen after the second sleeve is knit.  My first look at the days work on sleeve two showed me I had other problems. 

I realized that this problem was hanging in my mind yesterday.  I just did not recognize it.  As I worked the first few rounds I kept wondering why I didn't remember having so much trouble keeping track of the garter stitch under the sleeves.  I didn't recall needing markers on it. 

That marker is the sleeve beginning marker and you can see that I have the nice garter stitch panel continuing seamlessly.  It looks really nice.  BUT...that is not what I did on sleeve one.  One sleeve one, I knit stockinette at the underarm because there is garter stitch at the top of the sleeve that continues all the way down to the cuff.  To have a  second panel of garter stitch seemed needlessly fussy. 

So the first job this morning was to correct the rows of garter stitch at the under arm.  It is much better now.

I should have dropped one more row to get right to the cast on, but I was concerned that the backwards loop cast on would loosen too  much.  Leaving that one row keeps it stable and crisp.

 Today's task is to zoom down the sleeve as far as I can. I should be able to do it without a problem.  I have a lot of energy today. After a week of disturbed sleep, I finally had a really great sleep last night.  I could almost face the rest of the things I want to do today, like catch up on all the chores that did not happen this week when I was short of sleep and bake buns.  BUNS because my oven is repaired and I don't have to try to bake in some other odd piece of equipment.  Don't tell the landlord yet, but I am going to bake monkeyballs today too for a weekend treat.  And then...and then...

More knitting.  It looks like a great day!

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