Thursday, 13 February 2020

So, on being a little bit at loose ends yesterday, I picked up what was at hand and started knitting.

Sleeve one on this sweater is gone, but sleeve two is well under way.  I have 5 more decrease pairs to do and with that, I will be at a nice length and am going to put in a pair of ridges like the body of the sweater has to replace the long ribbed cuff of the original design.  That should happen today, though it isn't really a priority.  And sleeve three will happen as soon as sleeve two is done.

This is a priority.

I have had all the materials for a while now, and I am going to start making tiny monkeys for all my sweet kiddies.  The pattern is designed for worsted weight wool, but I am going small and using Kroy.  If I have lots of yarn left, I might double the Kroy and make a bigger stuffy or two.

I had to go digging in the yarn.  Naturally.  Nothing seems to happen without digging in the yarn.  This time I had to find the sock yarn box and pull the Kroy red and cream.  And digging in the yarn box made me (forced me!) to pull out a couple of other sock yarns for sock knitting.

I pulled out this ball to admire more than to knit right now.  Such brilliant blues.  It kind of takes my breath away.  I'm just going to admire it and promise myself that when I finish the relatively uninspiring batch of socks I have on the go right now, I can knit the splendor of yarns like this.

Though I feel more settled in my knitting with that big blanket done, than I have in weeks, I must say, my head is not in knitting.  I'm thinking sewing.  I always said that I won't worry to much about sewing till I have to and have to arrived the other day.  One of the knees on one of my two truly decent pairs of pants gave up it's spandex soul.  The fabric over the knee is looking funky and thin. 

So pants. 

We are back to that again and we need a victory.

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