Friday, 12 April 2019


Sometimes knitting is an adventure and sometimes knitting is work.  Fun but still work.  I prefer the adventure, but just like when you misinterpret a map, and have to go back, sometimes you have to retrace your knitted steps.

If you look at this picture again,

you will notice a funky looking triangle of openwork right beside the marker.  I investigated and found I had skipped a row of plain work which made the whole motif wibbly wobbly.  It really didn't look right but it could have been blocked into decency and I might have left it but for one thing.  There is another marker pinning a missed stitch in one motif  farther back.  

Two mistakes in such a small piece of work?  It was a mess.

I pulled back and fixed both problems.  It took most of the morning where I did nothing but knit.

All good.  It's as if yesterday's mistakes never happened.  I am one motif from yesterdays starting point. 

I did knit on several other things, the sweater in Remix Light and another experimental piece.  Neither of those are ready for photography.  The sweater because it is in the long swath of stockinette and isn't far enough along to see anything other than the yoke, and the experiment because I don't know if it will work.   

I don't know where the day will take me.  There is a measure of adventure in that.  So off I go into adventure, with my needles, yarn, a good book for reading breaks and my trusty coffee sidekick.  Adventure is my middle name.

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