Thursday, 14 March 2019


Stash Diving or playing in my yarn is always a time of much pleasure and fun.  It is dreams and plans, and memories that are funny and happy and sad.  The sad was looking like it was going to carry the day.  I know that the sad was writ large because of how tired I am after the very busy last few weeks. The way her shifts work, it is into the easier part for me which is nice.  Closing out this busy winter gently is nice. With the project coming to an end, it is time to make a few plans. 

I pulled some yarns that would boost my spirit and planned some knitting for the very near future that would inspire and delight me.

I dug deep into the Icelandic yarn box and came out with some lovely stuff that makes my heart sing.  Can you say Einband?

I knit one Icelandic shawl so far.  It started with some red that frazzledknitter brought back from Iceland for me. 

That red turned into this stunning creation and led to my small ample collection (it only feels small) of Einband.  Playing in Eiband is such a simple joy.  

If you put your hand into a box of Einband, it feels a bit coarse and you wonder how something like it could be good at all, but then you take out your shawl and you wrap it close around your neck and you wonder how you ever doubted its splendor.  Because Einband is such a splendid yarn.

 Lots of white.  I have a bag of natural too somewhere.  I must find that before this dive is totally complete.  And then to colours.

A palette of grays and soft delicate natural browns and tucked there, just underneath is a bite of limey green and teal for a Courant shawl.  I would knit that right now, but I am not sure that I am ready for it.  I need something just a bit easier till I get back into my own routine after all this working.  

I pulled out the grey series of yarns and tossed in some white

and then I spent a very good part of yesterday trying to figure out which shawl I wanted to knit with it.  I only know that it will be from this mythic bookÞríhyrnur og langsjöl / Three-cornered and long shawls by Sigridur Halldorsdottir.  

I am trying to decide between them and am having a terrible time doing so.  I have all the colours for the Thordis shawl   but I really want to knit one with just the greys and another with just the browns first.  I have plenty of yarn.

Right now I am leaning towards this one or this one. Or maybe this one.  They are all so stunning.  These are just after looking yet again this morning.  There were several others in contention yesterday and may well be again.  The thing I like about all these designs is the soft colour changes of yarns.  That speaks to me.

I suspect that there won't be a really firm decision till the day I cast on.  

Which isn't far off now at all. Just a couple of weeks. 


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