Thursday, 8 November 2018

Book or Pattern

Days never seem to get where I thought they would go when I write the blog post.  I probably ought to be writing in the evening so I do not so often end up planning as I write and deliver nothing.  I originally wrote in the very early morning, and then as my work changed started writing in the evenings and in the aftermath of 2013, went back to evening writing.  There really isn't any difference in the long run,I suppose.  There are always days where the day is gone and there isn't a lot to show for it but it is something to think about.   

With my tension finger cut in the worst possible place and with the additional irritation of my cold, to say that things have been sluggish would be putting it mildly.  Knitting time is way down this week.  On the upside, sleeping and napping is going much much better.  Napping has been particularly wonderful.  

But following through with a plan has not happened. It will, but not yesterday.

This morning, I got up a bit late and I am not feeling particularly pressured to do anything so my mind is wandering through things I want to knit on Ravelry.  

I keep coming back to Kate Davies this morning.  I was thinking bout my yarns from my summer trip and about the Harrisville I have on cones for her Myrtle sweater.     I took a look at the book and realized that I have at least four other things from that book in my favourites.  I stopped counting at four.  There may be more.  

So now I am debating book or just one pattern.  A digital book doesn't take much space but I don't like to have patterns sitting around that I won't knit.  

So that is my conundrum this morning.  The debate rages.  Book or Pattern.

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