Tuesday, 10 July 2018


I'm doing a little tweaking of things today.  

I have to put the band on the pants and hem, but otherwise they are finished.  I have to put the buttons and buttonholes on the blouse but otherwise they are done.  I have to finish the lining of the sweater.

I had a really successful day sewing.  Two blouses and one pair of pants.  It would have been more but there is a point, just as in knitting where you know if you touch it, it will go bad.  In sewing you don't get mulligans like you do in knitting,  You cannot recut already cut fabric, so you have to be sure you have it right.  I was going to cut the second pair of pants, but it just felt like it could be dangerous.

The pants were the really interesting part of the day.  I took apart my favourite pair of pants.  I was thinking about how old they were, and I think they go back to 2009.  They are getting threadbare, seriously, so it was time to retire them.  I didn't want to let them go though.  They fit so comfortably.  By taking apart this relatively uncomplicated pair of pants, I learned its secrets and I now see why they fit so nice. I used them as a pattern for the new pair and wow.  

I also know just how to adapt them to fit me no matter what sort of pants I am looking for, the easy drapey flowing kind or something a bit more dressy and tailored.

Very interesting.

But in knitting news, less interesting.  My inspiration from yesterday isn't going to work for take along on travel knitting.  It has a raglan sleeve line and that usually sin't a good look on me.  Back to the drawing board and back to my general plans for upcoming knitting.  

My wardrobe needs a couple basic things.  It needs some turtleneck or otherwise high neck sweaters that fit close to wear under other sweaters.  It needs some basics like a crew neck sweater, a plain crew neck cardigan.

It is the last that I think will be my take along knitting. It is a fingering weight blend from Elann, Eilati Fine in a deep dark rich teal colour to perfectly match these buttons.  

   The yarn is light weight and won't take up a ton of room and with it's particular blend, it won't be to warm to work on on a hot summer day.  

The other thing I am going to knit is a turtleneck from Custom Fit.  Yeah it is cream coloured yarn, but the whole thing will knit up so fast, it is going to be fine.  And if I say it often and fast, it will be true.

Plus a couple pairs of socks.  Always socks.  

So on to finishing and then to the beginning of packing.  

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