Thursday, 12 July 2018

Loose Ends or So Begins the Epic Journey

Loose end number one:  I visited a bit with my big people and my small people before I left yesterday.  I love those kiddies with all my heart.  I love my big boys and my daughters in law too but they do not give me grandma hugs and kisses like the little people.  Even my wee Emmett was happy and content  (so long as he was eating, being held or entranced watching things hanging from his chairs.  It is hard to be an infant, when your only way of communicating is to cry) .  My wee boy even smiled a bit.

Loose end number two:  I delivered Pole to its owner and it scores a win! 

It looks so great on her and I am so very pleased with how it just flows.  The lining worked out well, even though it took almost as long to line it as it did to knit it.  Maybe it just felt that way, but still.  This sweater is meant to be for the chill of summer nights, or fall camping.  You can keep the chill off the back of your neck forever with that sweeping collar.  

We also discussed another sweater with the gorgeous Madelinetosh yarn I bought for her.  I know what I think is going to look fantastic on her, but it is always wonderful to get the ok from the giftee.  No point knitting it if the eventual owner won't wear it. I am looking forward to fun fall knitting when I get back.

Loose end number three:  Packing. There are 4 kinds of packing for this trip.  There is camping packing.  

There is knitting and spinning packing. Note large container.  I have the spinning stuff tucked in there, but the spinning bag is in the car and it will be moved as I load.  The large container will leave my door half empty and will come home overflowing with lovely exotic travel stash. 

And then there is clothes packing and digital equipment packing.  You would think the last shouldn't be a category all on it's own, but honestly, if I think of it as one packing unit, I am far more likely to remember all the power cords.  Camera, tablet, portable drive, phone, camera, stick battery charger for emergencies. If I can think of it and pack it all at the same time, I will remember it better. Clothes packing will commence as soon as the dryer is done and since I already know what is coming with me, I expect fast and easy packing.  

There are a few tail ends that need dealing with.  I realized this morning that I need my meds refilled.  We here at better living through chemistry should have thought of this earlier. And I have to renew my car plates. While I expect to be back before they expire, I do not want to be driving in a province not my own, with expired stickers and no way to renew in case I am having a wonderful time and fall in love with the far places and don't want to come home.  Or if I get the wild idea that I need to stay for the Niagara wine festival. Hey, it could happen.

Anyway, the first steps of the Epic Journey are about to happen.  I am a little excited, and a little bit scared.  I have never done something of this scale before and I have never done it alone.  I certainly have never done it at this scale out of the back of my car.  I'm going forth anyway fear be darned.  I know I can find my people all along the way, just by sitting somewhere and knitting. 


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