Friday, 27 July 2018

It's slightly cooler today here on the grand adventure.  An evening rain the was pretty heavy in short showerey bursts, made the end of the day really lovely.

I missed a connection with friends in Mahone but I did have a lovely day exploring that whole area. I took off out to Peggy's Cove.  Everybody shows pictures of the iconic rocks and lighthouse, but nobody to me about the protected natural area just inland.  It's a most stunning, unique place capped off by the usual photos.  Which are all on my camera and will be downloaded to my computer when I get home.  (Should have got the camera with bluetooth or wifi.)  So stunning.

I drove a little down the coast road.  I could live there but for the price and the summer people.  In a small hidden cove, I saw an eagle that had taken down a seagull, but fate took its revenge.  The eagle was a smaller bird, and he couldn't seem to fly while carrying his treasure.  So I had the pleasure of watching him for about an hour as he tried to decide what to do.  

IWithout connecting with my friends, I decided to go back to Halifax.  I found a place to sleep but couldn't settle.  I slipped the other day going down some stairs in the rain.  I didn't seem to be hurt, but as the days have passed since it is worse and worse, not helped by sitting in the car and sleeping in a half sitting position.  Last night, I couldn't sleep for the aching, and I was at a kind of low point.  I just wanted my mommy, and my own bed. I decided to cut my trip a bit short.  

So no Newfoundland for me.  On the upside , I can hotel it all the way home.  That help enormously by simply getting to stretch out,.  Bonus.  And I still have a good visit to some places that I have longed to see on the Niagara peninsula.  And if I don't get them all in, oh well.  It's good to still have things to dream about.

In an awful lot of ways, I have done what I needed to do here. I showed me I can do this.  I can camp, if I choose, and I can go and do even if not everything worked perfectly.  And I get to go home with cool yarn.

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