Wednesday, 20 June 2018

What else?

I mentioned at the end of yesterdays post, that I had picked up some fabric to line Amy's sweater.  While she would love the warmth of wool, she is a hot body and wool usually makes her sweat and sweat makes her feel the prickle factor of fibres.  So, her sweater in Cascade Peruvian Tones will be lined to take away the 'wool is prickly' factor so she can enjoy the sweater while she is camping and out doors, and on chilly winter evenings hunkering down watching movies with her boys (Amy has all boys and she has one of my all boys.  I feel for her and want to support her in any way I can.)

I found some really soft lightweight knit fabric in a very soft neutral gray for it. They did have a blue that hinted at purple, but I didn't think it was close enough a match not to compete with the yarn.    While I was getting the fabric cut, I did spy something I just had to have.


I love this.  I could see pants or a skirt or a nice flowing dress.  It is fairly light weight, so I bought a bit more of the gray than I needed for the sweater and will use that to line this, should I need this.  

And because I am ever attracted to good deals, I checked out the remnants bin.  You never know what you can find there.  I came away with three pieces of fabric, all cotton blends,

that will make great tops.  These are hitting the wash as we speak.  There might not be enough for an entire top on each of these pieces, but there is all kinds of stuff I can use for coordinating fabric for the backs of tops.

I have an entire shelf of dark fabrics, green, several navys, black in a variety of fibres and weaves to choose from.

Though it may not be apparent to anyone but me, these things are all part of preparing for my trip.  I have two sets of clothes, the kind I wear out of the house and painter clothes.  After putting my finger through the fabric of one of my best shirts the other day, I thought it might be time to reassess clothing.  There really wasn't much in the out of the house category.  I've known that this day was coming, but I just didn't think it was so urgent.  I was wrong.  It seems it will be a very good idea to do a spot of sewing before I head out on my travels plus there are a few things that need hemming before they are ready for wear.

It might be really nice, liberating to have a few airy summer dresses and tops in fabrics that don't crush and that dry quickly.  Or in fabrics that are even better when they are crushed and wrinkly like linen.

So this week is sewing week, I guess. It is just kind of happening.  I have got just a little to go on the Pole sweater and then blocking will commence.  And once blocking is underway, I can lay out the fabric for lining it.  I am not a hundred percent sure just how the lining will be made, but I have a couple of ideas.  

Time to go shut all the windows now to keep out this beastly heat.  And time to knit.  And coffee.  Always time for coffee.

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