Wednesday, 23 May 2018

When Knitting Doesn't Work.

When knitting isn't happening, there is always lovely Ravelry to fill in the tiny pockets of time I do seem to get.  

This morning, before it is too hot out, the kids are outside and I am just inside watching them out the door.  I decided to have another look at a new tailored sweater by Laura Aylor.  Laura is one of my favourite designers.  She generally stays with clean simple lines and garments that really work.  

Her newest sweater design is Fogbound.  It's almost blazer like look would make it perfect for even the stuffiest offices.  It's crisp lines and neat, cleverly tucked pocket make that tidy corner of my heart sing.  If I was still doing office work I would make it like a shot.  For my life at home, particularly in this house, that collar is very attractive.  The double layers of the distinctive deep shawl collar are perfect for the chill on the back of my neck.  

Looking at this sweater this morning led me to another new sweater, Ashore.  While I can make Fogboun work for me, Ashore is going to happen.  I love the simple everyday style of this.  It's style without pretension.  It's style for ordinary lives.  It is an every person can do this.  

I already have the mods I will make. There is  lovely colourwork forest panel out there somewhere that I think I could work into these classic lines.  It would take a bit of figuring but it's the only way I have enough of he yarn that came to mind for his sweater.  It's some Green Cascade Eco Plus, and I do have 3 balls, but adding a smattering of cream and maybe it would work. I do have another yarn in mind an I know I have tons of that.  

The only problem with the other yarn is that I already have a plan for it, and that too comes from Laura Aylor's stable of patterns.   Harkening Hill would be perfect for this special yarn.  The only problem is will there be enough colour contrast to have the punch tht com from that rich rust.  The yarn I am thinking of, is all so very natural and if the punch isn't there, do I want to add something else in.  

So many decisions.  All this looking for the perfect thing is just right for his stinky hot weather.

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