Thursday, 19 April 2018

Always a Quandary

The quandary I was having with my little Log Cabin Mitts has been resolved.  

I did not find the yarn I was thinking of, but I did find the remainder of the Patons Classic Wool in Charcoal left over from my last sweater.  Its heathered look suits this project much better and its gauge is correct without any monkeying around.   I didn't knit a lot yesterday, but I did spin.  Lots of spinning.  More on that tomorrow.

I do have another quandary, but the good kind.  The fun kind.

Lucy Neatby's online shop was having a sale on several specific colours of Kauni 2/8.  At ten dollars a ball, it doesn't really matter what you plan to knit,  Such a good deal.  So I ordered enough to make the front and back of a colourwork sweater.

This colour is EF and while my photo is much darker than the one on her page, I am so deeply pleased with thes warm colours.  I know just the yarn I am going to use with it.  Or possibly I am going to buy new yarn.  That is my quandary you see and I won't know that till I decide the pattern.  \

Which is another quandary. But the good kind.  

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