Thursday, 29 March 2018

Loom Play

I mucked about with my loom yesterday.  I tried to resolve my troubles and discovered other troubles with the warp which led to tring to fix that which then created yet more trouble.  So I cried uncle.

and am rethreading the reed and heddles.  Most of what I cut off will be recovered in one way or another.  

The other interesting thing I did yesterday is to check out Interweaves sale on weaving downloads.  For the last several years, Interweave has made and sold DVD courses for those who don't like or cannot easily get out to courses or if a course doesn't fit your budget.  I have a Spinning for Lace course with Margaret Stove, a Drafting video with Abby Franquemont, The Gentle Art of Plying with Judith MacKenzie and Knit Free Sole Socks with Anna Zilborg.  It would be very pricey to see all of these wonderful teachers but here they are, waiting for me.  There are a ton of great things online for free, but it is nice to have a program with a quality instructor doing what they do best.

I picked up a beginner weaver course with Tom Kinsely and I picked up a Doubleweave Basics video. It's hard to beat the ten dollar price tag, even for my sadly beleagured Canadian dollar.  There is a Weave Structure Bundle that I would love to have and other technique videos that would be wonderful additions to my stable of learning tools, but even at ten dollars, I have to stop somewhere.  I am still at step one in weaving and all those other many wonderful things will get sorted out as I go.

There are a whole range of downloads available that are on a special price right now.  There are a couple spinning ones that I would love to have, but like I said, I have to stop somewhere.  Check it out because the sale isn't going to last forever.  

I'm going to give my hand a rest today.  It's a sneaky thing, but even holding the heddle hook to pull the thread through is hard on my hand right now.  Sneaky because it doesn't feel like it should be.  I probably wasn't listening carefully enough to what my hand was telling me and while it isn't sore, it is tired.  So to rest.

Good thing I have all these cool new video downloads to watch!  

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