Tuesday, 20 February 2018

A big mess

Knitting this garment in the Icelandic way, sleeves and body, join and do the yoke, would have been much easier than this.

It looks like a big mess.

It looks odd to be sure, but at least it is correct now.  Corrected twice as in did you know you can twist attaching the sleeve?  Twice.  I know that it has to do with having such a measly bit of sweater body knit to attach the sleeves to.  The white base rows plus 4 rows before the sleeve join isn't really enough  to completely get past accidental twisting of the body.  Like a sock, only bigger and more stitches to take out.

The original short cable length of my needle didn't help either.    I originally had it on a 32 inch, which is fairly compact for all these stitches. This longer one, 40 inch, I think, is helping.

And on to colour work.  

First round.  Sadly I have to take it out.  There are three stitches left as I come up to the line of steek stitches, so I have to take out about 2/3 of the round, to make a correction on the row below at the back of both sleeves, and once mid back.  I miscounted and did not decrease the preparation round quite enough.  But it is a simple thing, an almost expected thing, and a not difficult repair.  Once the correction is done the black stitch will sit right where it is supposed to be snuggled up right next to the steek.

Once that is done, there are two colours to carry along in my left hand.  I am looking forward to the challenge with bated breath. 

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