Friday, 5 May 2017

And Again

Just like the song, I began again.

Though I liked a lot of what was going on on my needles in the red yarn, I pulled it all out and started again.  I cast on another 30 or so stitches and I like where it sits now at the neck.  

Starting over also gave me the opportunity to rethink the edges and what I wanted that to look like.  In a lot of ways, the other start was really just a swatch and a sweater deserves a little more thought that that. Instead of the 4 stitch garter stitch I did on the first try, I changed to a 2 stitch purl column and a 4 stitch stockinette band.  

I am hoping for a nice little rolled edge.  If I don't like what is going on, I can drop the stitches and fix it.  The purl column is there so that neat little roll stops.

I changed the increase I was using at the raglan lines.  In the first go round, I used a simple knit front and back.  That gave me a large and very nice looking solid stitch area on each side of the raglan increase line but...everything else about this sweater is lacy and light.  A yarn over increase is probably more to the spirit of the rest of the sweater. 

I think it is a really good choice.  There are sections which grow to 7 stitches before I start the pattern and I really like the way the seem to butterfly out of nowhere.  I did debate doing the pattern right up to whatever number of stitches I had, but this is a detail I kind of liked.  It stays.

I also did something that is harder to see, but it makes the neckline much cleaner and neater.

I started the neck edge and did only 2 rows of garter stitch to give a narrow, almost invisible beyond the lace look to the neck edge.  The lace is the player here, not the edging. I did that the first time too, but this time, I did a plain knit row and a plain purl row before I started the pattern stitches.  It just seemed to tidy up any wonkiness as the pattern was establishing itself.  It allowed the narrow neck edge to stand clean, on its own.

If anything can be said about this slip of a sweater, it is that what is going on on my needles now is even better. 

And now, time to knit!

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Sel and Poivre said...

Oh I like this - and especially your treatment of the edges. I have taken the collar off a lacy-cabled cardigan and will change it up as part of an overall renovation of the piece (sleeves and buttons also need re-doing). I think I might just try and copy exactly what you've done here and see how that looks!

'Also the love colour of this cardi of yours!

Nothing like the feeling of sailing onward after dealing with the issues in an otherwise promising project is there? Have fun with it!