Monday, 8 May 2017

About Average.

And just when I think I have everything under control...

I screw up.  At the raglan increase lines, I stopped letting those 7 stitches build up in that pretty little arrow shape they made.  I have no idea why I did this other than to allow myself to pound my head against a brick wall.  There are 4 increase areas and 3 of them are absolutely great, but one section is a ...well I am just going to not say what I think of this section.  The words I am using inside my head are not at all ladylike.

I am very close to ripping back to where I made the change.  Meantime, it is in a bit of a time out.  A short one, for sure, because otherwise, I am having so much fun with this knit.  It is lovely and rhythmic and just a delight.

Today is not the day that will happen.  Today I am going to knit on found things.

When I was trying to decide what would be up next, I thought it would be a good idea to dig in my new WIP bins.  I must stop and say that these work wonderfully well for me.

 And I love, love love the bright yellow.  It is such a cheery colour.  (Bosnas from Ikea)

I went through them, looking at what was in them, and pulling out all the yarn bits and ends that need to be put away.  I came across this sock in progress.  I think I had these on my blog but I had completely forgotten them.  Which was rather silly of me.  I love these!

The bands of blue and speckled and green make me giddy.  This is what I am knitting on this morning.  I am also really enjoying how there are 2 very different sizes of needles being used here and how it doesn't seem to matter. Bets on that I couldn't find a 5th of the same size when I started the pair and just knit anyway.

So today, one screw up that works and one that doesn't.  And that strikes me as a good average in the land of my knitting.

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