Monday, 10 April 2017

So how is that 3 a.m. thing working out?

Well since you asked, rather nicely.

By this lunchtime Sunday, I was this far along.  I had hoped to be just a little farther, but I was baking bread and doing laundry so really, it is quite acceptable.  And by bedtime, voila.

I did a first try on and I am pretty pleased so far.  My uncertainty about the large solid black section just under the collar, comprising the short row section that give the back and fronts of a contiguous knit sweater their shaping, and my worry that it was going to look goofy in a striped sweater have no foundation. The solid black sections are almost completely covered by the collar.  I suppose I could have striped that area, but it would have been awkward and would have meant a lot of ends to weave in.

It is zipping right along.  A few more sleeve increases and another couple inches to get to a good underarm depth and the top of the sweater will be done.  I hope to do that tomorrow.  

It was an all around good day.  Knitting was good.  The sun was shining in the windows.  I napped for a while.  My bread turned out.  I slept so much better than Friday/Saturday night. Deeper, longer, and I feel much more rested.  The old ways are the best ways.  Waking up and doing something works much much better than staying tucked under the blankets watching something on TV.  That early morning nap from about 5 to 7 is just what the doctor ordered for me.  

And the big plus, so far is 3 a.m. sweaters are working out just fine.

And this morning, it is warm enough that my window is open.  The early birds are singing.

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