Wednesday, 19 April 2017

How do I spend today?

It is really starting to come together.  All the increases are done.  All that is needed now is a little legnth.  I am at 11 inches under the sleeves now, so it isn't all that far.

I am thinking of knitting the sleeves when it is time to start the next ball of Noro.  It isn't that I am worried about yarn this time.  I am about two thirds of the way through the fourth ball of Silk Garden, and coming up on the last quarter of the second ball of Regal. I have 5 more skeins of Regal and 3 more of Noro.  No way I am running out of yarn.  Ha.  Still, it is a while since I have knit full length sleeves.

My go to is a three quarter sleeve.  I want this sweater to be a walking on a cool day sweater, a morning outdoors sweater, a traveling companion sweater, a something snuggly when it is chilly sweater.  I have always knit from the perspective of wearing a sweater while working and the shorter sleeves meant I didn't have to always be pushing sleeves out of the way.  I want this sweater to be more.

If I had more regularly knit full sleeve sweaters, I would know how much Noro I needed.  This way, I only think I know.  I would really rather do the sleeves now, while the sweater is a little lighter and easier to turn and flip and then I know just how much more of the Noro I have and then can feel free to knit the body as long as I could possibly want or need and I could use up every possible ounce of this lovely Noro.

I expect to use up all of the Noro, but I will have a substantial amount of the Regal left.  All to the good.  There will be plenty of Regal left to use in in an adventurous way with a bit of another yarn for a sweater of some kind.

I have a sudden day open today.  I had expected to be with my kiddies after lunch, but their mom's client is on vacation in Europe so no work for mom today.  And Grandma gets an extra day off.  Which is fine by me.  I don't work tomorrow either.  Two in a row means I have a big chunk of time.  I do want to work on the sweater but there are other things I might tend to with this amount of time to focus on something.  I have a box of clothing that needs repair or hemming or waist adjustments.  There are curtains to make for my bedroom too.  It might be the perfect day to pay attention to some plying to free up some bobbins so I can spin some more.  And my quilt!  I could pull that out and get it set up to work on again. Oh my there are so many choices.

But first another cup of coffee and a wee bit more knitting. There are still stripes I want to see before the day is begun.

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Christine said...

This sweater is just gorgeous. Can't wait to see it on you! And hooray for unexpected days off.