Thursday, 20 April 2017

A whole lotta sleeve

Well some sleeve anyway.  It wasn't a knitting day.

It was enough to remind of the other factor to why my sleeves tend to be 3/4.  I hate knitting sleeves on small circular needles.  And I did not switch to my dpns because they are so awkward till there is a little bit of room away from the body of the sweater.  I am switching very shortly, though.  Looking forward to it.

Most of the day I dithered away, not doing much of anything. The dithering was accompanied by high stress.  Really high stress. I was waiting all morning for word that my house had really sold, that the deal was done.  It is and what I thought would be feelings of a little bit of ease are not.  I just feel numb.  There is a lot of work to do between now and the new owners possession date.  A lot.

But this too shall come to pass.

I am going to try and do better today.  It would be nice to get a something accomplished.  Even if all I do is getting the sleeve on to dpns.

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