Thursday, 30 March 2017


I knit a little yesterday.  I had very early routine tests in town and then had a couple hours to sit at a coffee shop and knit till it was a decent hour to go to play with my kiddies for the day.

I am hoping you can see what is happening with the yarns.  The gray stays the same soft colour and the purples slowly change getting lighter and lighter.  I have just started on the third colour and even though I've only knit a few rounds you can see how different the colour is from that first rich, dark purple. I absolutely love the way the choices of colours from Pigeonroof Studios . such wonderfully soft changes!  Also, I see that she has these 240 yard sets as well as 480 yard sets.

It won't be as long as I dreamed of, but it will do a double loop and is wide enough that even worn single loop, it will do just what a cowl ought to do.  If you wanted a long three loop scarf, you should cast on only 50 stitches.  It is narrow, but the extra loop will give you the right warmth.

Gratuitous second photo:  Because you can't have too much of pretty knitting.

I've progressed much farther than I thought I might.  It moves along so fast. It is similar to knitting two at a time socks and coming up on the ankle on the pair.  It is as if I was well past the heel the first sock after one day of knitting one sock at a time.

I am right at 1/3 complete and it took no time and no effort at all. It is like the two rows stripe scarf all over again.

It is perfect stress knitting.  No thinking is involved, just a little row counting but 7 row stripes are right for me to track where I am and fit the yarn perfectly.  Only inches are left from the two mini skeins after a set of three stripes.

My hope is that my stress is all over before the knitting is.  I have yarns for another cowl, and I am very seriously thinking of combinations of things from the rest of my stash that will work for this.  I know I have some.  I would just have to decide on colours I want for myself.

Or I could just settle and knit another Undercurrent.  All stripes.  All the time.  That seems to be my motto these days.


Sel and Poivre said...

I've had periods of "all stripes all the time" too. Wonder what it is about them that calls to us? Whatever it might, enjoy!

Christine said...

This is really beautiful.