Friday, 31 March 2017

Just one Stripe

There are days when the world is just too busy to knit.  That was my day yesterday.  Just too much other stuff on my mind.  Anybody who has been around for a while here, reading this blog knows that doesn't happen too often, though it has been more lately than ever before.  That will come to an end soon.  We are getting so close to the end of all the things that needed closing and settling.  

Here you can see the sum of my knitting yesterday and this morning.  One set of stripes.  about 10 rows, 8 of which were done this morning.  What you can see is how wonderfully subtle the change in colours is.  I am just so pleased.

There will be more knitting this weekend to be sure and maybe an adventure or two.  I am looking forward to whatever will come. I know that softer purples are on the way and for now, that is enough.

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