Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Next Big Thing

Work on the sweater is ongoing.  And if the truth be known, more than a little boring. There is only one more set of stripes.  After that the only challenge is going to be keeping the multi yarn from pooling.  I love all the stockinette.  It is such a healing restorative thing, but it isn't keeping my mind occupied.

I need a little more of a challenge for the next garment but there are also other complications.  I have lost weight. Remember my lovely Lipstick?  

See that tiny bit of a wibble right at the neckline where the buttons are?  Well, that tiny wibble gives you an idea that I knit the sweater just a wee bit too large.  It didn't matter then so much, but man oh man, it does now.  I wore it the other day and I think I am going to take it apart and reknit it next winter.  I adore the sweater, I adore the yarn and reknitting is almost going to be fun.

It does make me feel elaborate sweaters may not be a really good idea right now.  Which is kind of a shame.  All along I have been planning to knit my version of Bacardi this spring.  As I was packing, I pulled out the yarn I have for it.  All the balls are wound.  I just need to knit a swatch to sort out the order of colours ...  I don't want to knit this sweater and then have it get to large.  It's cotton with ends and there wouldn't be any real possibility of  a reknit. I want to wait till life stabilizes some.

I do have other cottons and summer yarns that beg to be knit and I do want to knit some of it up this year.  I am a little short on nice looking tops for summer and with a family wedding coming up, a nice top is much needed.  I am going to try and find adventure there.

If I used these yarns

Or some combination thereof,

with a strong colour block but an otherwise simple 'cut', I think that might be interesting enough.  I swatched this in 2013, right before life changed so abruptly.    For a basic shape, I am leaning towards the Knit T-Shirt from Purl Soho  but there are a couple other choices too.  Block Theory and the Sissone Tee patterns are contenders too.

At the same time, I do have some lovely bamboo that would look wonderful knit into this top.  The yarn is from the one time, where I did not recall buying some really luscious deep purple fingering weight bamboo.  Total surprise.  It would be great in a lacy thing like this.

There are others.  Some soft purpley grey linen, some really marvelous linen and silk in cream, some persian red cotton, a soft vintage grape.  Something with a lace pattern for the plain colours perhaps.  Lots of choices.

Don't get me started on lace.  I have some really lovely laceweights in quantity enough for a top that would be light and airy enough for a summer outdoor wedding.

A stash is a wonderful thing.  I can shop and shop and not spend a single penny but for the pattern, unless it is one from my books as it well may be. I have a few days to contemplate and then I must choose. 

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