Friday, 10 March 2017

The Friday File

Friday is a day I wish I had interesting stuff to say.  I don't.  But I wish it.  Dishcloth de jour.

I was running out of the turquoise.  Ah well.

I had so much fun digging out the laceweight for pictures the other day.  I did go through boxes when I moved, but more to clean them and ensure everything was in good condition, but I did not actually play with the yarn.  There were too many other things to do.  Digging for specific yarn was play and it reminded me of something I have been thinking of for a while.

There was a point last year, before I moved, when I realized that my stash was woefully out of date. I really would like to address this. I use the Reverly stash feature as a starting point in searches for things and for inspiration. I had been thinking of taking pictures of the yarn for my Ravelry page too.  I know, in general, the yarns I have, but I don't really have a visual and I wanted to change that.

I don't think in pictures.  I seem to store information as words or perhaps it is that words are my brain's table of contents. If I think of my stash, I think, 'that skein of Merino Silk', and then, once the words in in my consciousness, I can pull up the picture of it.  It's blue with the slightest of sheen from the silk.  I recall the lovely time I had winding it.

But, when I start from the picutres, even yesterday as I was putting it all together, I got some wrong.  It was a rather interesting experience in understanding just how my brain works.  Illumination is never a bad thing.  For all that I know what I have, it would be nice to see the blue ones and the red ones, and the green.  It would be nice to have a point of reference that isn't just in my head.

In a way, taking pictures and updating my Ravelry stash page is my anti- Kondo statement to the world.  Perhaps it is not an anti-Kondo statement but the pinnacle of Kondo-ism, know what you love.  I just truly love yarn.  Who says love should be minimalist?

Yesterday felt like a good day to play and play was a good place to start.  

And so many many more.

It wasn't a day of rush or urgency.  I had no where particular to be.  When I woke in the morning, I had no particular agenda or plan.  I played just like kids surrounded by their toys.

I had fun.  There is more fun  on the horizon.  The weekend promises to be very very good.

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