Monday, 13 March 2017

Brier Knitting

That did not go quite like I planned.  I am beginning to wonder why I bother planning at all.  I seem to get much more done when I wing it.

I did not knit on my sweater at all this weekend.  It was the final weekend of the Brier, the Men's curling championship here.  Let me set the record straight.  I am not a huge sports fan.  I am barely even a fan of competition of any kind, but when Brian was here I watched curling and golf with him because he was interested and he made it interesting for me.  Eventually you become schooled and interested on your own behalf.  That happened with curling, but since he is gone, I just did not have the heart to watch it.  

But this year, I caught part of a draw just as the ladies championship was beginning and I watched.  Not all of it, but at least a draw every day.  And when the men's started, I was interested a little more seriously.  I watched morning and evening every day.  And I had a lot of fun.

It is a great sport to knit to, and I did knit as you saw last week.  Dishcloths.  I was sure I was done that and over dishcloths by the time Friday rolled around, but not so.

I present Saturday and Sunday. 

One from the tail ends of skeins and one from a ball of cotton that had no match and was slightly lighter in weight than the regular kitchen cotton.  

Slowly this bin of generic kitchen cottons and bit of things I won't use for anything else is disappearing and getting used up. Once it is gone, the chances of keeping a bin of it on hand are pretty slim.  I just don't see my purchasing it very often.  Dishcloths can last a long time. 

The Brier is done, the cotton is almost done. On to some very interesting knitting.  Shawls and summer tops, I think.  All good, all much more fun than dishcloths (YMMV) with no Brier to watch.

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