Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Not what I thought.

 I spent the day playing in my study yesterday.  The 'study' is the far side of my bedroom which kind of ended up one side bedroom stuff, one side sewing, knitting, crafting of all kinds.

It isn't that it wasn't set up but as I worked to get the rest of everything in place, the study became a bit of a dumping ground for papers, for boxes of computer stuff, boxes of cords, boxes of boxes, just boxes of little stuff, that had to be gone through and sorted and ordered into place.

Things like two medium sized boxes of crochet cotton that were ordered into one larger box.

 Things like this pretty little box

 which was in a box with some other small boxes of stitch markers, t-pins for blocking, a couple yarn needles, and an old watch.

My day was a lot like cleaning out the junk drawer in the kitchen.

And then I sat down to knit, but I didn't pick up and knit what I thought I was going to knit.  My plan was to knit on my sweater and get the bottom a whole lot closer to complete.  It didn't happen that way.  I didn't even think of picking it up at all.

In my day of going through things, I decided I needed a bag to hold my remotes for the audio visual / computer stuff in my study.  I took out the long suffering box of generic cotton yarn and then changed my mind about how to manage remotes.

It did leave the box of cottons in view.  In it there was an incomplete dishcloth.

I love the way to soft yellow and that brilliant pink look together.  They just are not colours that you usually would put together, but anything goes in a dishcloth.  The contrast is high and the look is peppy and fun.  Before the Brier was done for the day I had another finished project.

Dishcloths are the perfect sort of knitting to watch curling by.  You really don't have to focus on what is going on in your hands at all.  You just do it.  I did have to take out a couple rows here and there.  There were times where I would get so involved in what was going on on the ice, that I would end up with a row or two of extra of one colour or other.  

The dishcloth is not near to the sweater knitting I hoped for but it is a lot like the sorting and ordering of the rest of my day.  A few more dishcloths and this box of cottons will be done.  

I guess that was what the day was all about.  Being done.  So not what I thought it would be in the morning.

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