Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Maybe it is spring.  Maybe it is the brier, that end of the winter season event.  Maybe it is that box of cotton sitting on my coffee table.  It may also be that as I cleaned and sorted my home, I found there are things I needed.  Housekeeping things seem to be weighing big on my mind.

As I was sorting through odd small boxes, organizing my shelves, I came across this,

a reuseable swiffer sweeper cloth.  I made it quite some time ago and did use it regularly, but it has some issues.  It needed to be wider and slightly shorter to be a really great fit. I'm not so sure that the the way I did the slip over the sweeper ends is the best way to get it to stay on either.  Possibly a velcro closer on one side would be a better solution.  The way I did it, the cloth eventually will stretch too long no matter what you do.  With all the hard flooring here, I could use a few sweeper cloths.  

I need a tea cozy.  I cannot find this one.

It's a tremendous shame because it kept a pot of tea hot for hours. I cannot imagine that I would have given it away or tossed it out and yet I must have. It was huge and really hard to miss.  With me starting my coffee consumption earlier in the day, and liking a late afternoon hot drink and with the landlord's personal preference for tea as an evening hot beverage, the house needs it far more than I ever did when I was living alone.   Last time, I was just using up a yarn that was sitting there, taking up space.  This time, I think I will put a bit more of an effort into it.  I might even purchase a pattern!

And this morning (curling starts at 6:30 a.m. this week) I am working on this.

I cast on this morning after a false start last evening.  The false start told me that I did not have enough of either of the 2 colours I started with, to make a whole dishcloth. The third colour was added and it looks like it should work out.  It is going to be a close thing with the turquoise blue though.  Very close.  So close that I might switch out the green for the turquoise for the last half of the cloth.  

There are other things on my mind too.  Like this pile of books over on my footstool.

It's all lace books but for one embroidery book.  That was just a diversion, but if this week has been about anything, it has been about following a different path than the one I started the week with. 

Housekeeping was not huge on my agenda this week, and yet here I am.  Contemplating housework. 

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