Tuesday, 21 February 2017

When you Aim to Misbehave

But you cannot, in fact, do so.

I had my wheels all set out.

I was so happy to be ready to get working with my big wheel again. I didn't  have access to my Julia wheel these last few months.  It had been stored.  That actually worked out pretty well.  My little wheel and I  were not that well acquainted at all.  I struggled to find my happy place with it.  The Victoria is so similar but they are different.  Braking and wheel ratios are just different enough to confuse my hands.  These last few months we have become good friends.

But I do love the Julia.  In a perfect world she is all I would need, but for her lack of portability.  She is just too big to haul around.  I was so looking forward to spinning on her again.

The first thing I had to do was take out some of the excess twist on the last bobbin I had spun.  It should have been easy.  But...

It was a struggle.  It pulled painfully hard.  The wheel crept cross the floor.  Heck, it practically ran.  I couldn't find any place it would work easily and happily.  I got the first spool done, but by the end of the first, the wheel was practically falling apart.  I tightened up all the screws.  I changed the string on the brake.  I did everything that seemed to be wrong, but the wheel wasn't happy.  Later today, I am going to sit with it and baby it to try to figure  out what the trouble is. Maybe it just wants to spin. Maybe it doesn't want to play plying games with me.

My living room is cluttered with tools, and chairs that belong elsewhere, and things taken out but not used and not finished with.

So, though I tried to play, things weren't ready.  And I have a full kiddie week.  This evening.  Maybe. 

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Sel and Poivre said...

As much as I believe I can and should be able to enjoy my crafts whatever the state of my surroundings/to do list I have to admit I so much more enjoy working my most indulgent projects after I've cleared the decks and the house is quiet. When you finally get back to those wheels with everything out of your way you're going to have a grand time!