Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Dark and Light and In Need of a Third Option

When I moved to my wee house, it took the better part of two years to get things just how I wanted and then, it was time to move.  I don't want it to take 2 years this time.  I want to be settled fast and to have my home in order as quickly as possible.  Babysitting the kiddies is making it slower than I would like, but because I am so much healthier now, it is going faster.  Hard to explain, but the bottom line is at my wee house, I physically needed frequent knitting breaks.  One medium task per day took a day to recover from.  Get groceries?  Need recovery day.  Put books on shelves?  Physically unable to do more till recovery day is done.  Better living through chemistry* means that I can do a morning of laundry and moving furniture, babysit the kids and then come home and unpack some more boxes and put things on shelves.  *Better living through chemistry means I am taking medication to deal with the things my body doesn't want to do anymore. It is most amazing.

There was knitting, but not a lot of it.

 This sock, as bright as it seems here is rather dark, and knitting it at the kiddies house is difficult unless I am in the dining room where the chairs are just high enough to make my back ache at the end of a day.  I used to keep my feet up on another chair back in the day, but the kiddies make it impossible.
Plus Marcus, who is hardly wee anymore, likes to help.  He is fascinated by the little wiggles and how he can pull and make it straight and then relax it and it goes right back to wiggles.  Amazing!

I had this with me as well.  It is a much lighter colour knit, but the problem with it is that the yarn catches easily on the very sharp needle it is on.  It is the only needle I have in that size available right now, so changing it isn't and option. 

My huge pile of heels isn't really a good fit either.  At least not until I have a heel begun. Once begun, they would be great.

I need something light coloured and simple.  

What I really need is vanilla socks.  The kids, both Marcus and Cassie asked me for more socks, so I guess I need to take a trip to the sock yarn box.  I know just where some bright cheery kid happy sock yarns are.  And I can see the box the dpns are in from here.

I am going to have to keep more than two projects in my purse for a while.  Socks for little people are a great addition! Dark.  Light.  And a little something else.

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