Friday, 20 January 2017

Take a deep breath...

and jump.

Today is the last day.  Truck comes tomorrow and the move will be short and sweet.  I can count the furniture.  3 chairs.  4 brown book cases. 3 white bookcases.  2 desks.  1 white cabinet. 2 side tables/drawer units. 1 treadmill.  2 tvs  1 computer and a few assorted boxes of yarn.

OK a lot of yarn.  My back gave out so I am a little behind but the boys agreed to move it because,well it isn't the books and it isn't the rocks.  Those things are already over there having been moved by my landlord when we emptied the storage unit.

I feel a little homeless in a weird way.  More between 2 places, not residing in either.  Still it is only tomorrow and the fun starts the minute I can unpack!  And I am really looking forward to reco  ecting with my things. 

I have loved living so close to half of my grandkids everyday. Still, living in a combined isn't easy and even a saints patience would be tested. None of the adults in this house are saints and we have had our issues, warranted on  both sides.  I am really looking forward to having a life of my own again and they are looking forward to just being able to be themselves again in their own home.

I'm sitting here debating packing up my computer and tv, and getting as much of the weird stuff that is hard to pack in a box neatly into my car. 

So farewell from this location, and my next post will come from the spiffy  new place. 

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