Thursday, 19 January 2017


I have been a huge fan of since I first saw it somewhere way back about this issue. I have no idea who first led me the but without a doubt, it was part of the first great explosion of my knitting life.   I have mohair in my stash to make the Ice Queen and I purchased it almost that long ago.

Knitty is one of those things that just never fails to provide something I want to knit.  Each and every issue inspires me.  I am one of the rabid many who used to watch for an issues' launch so I could see the patterns before the old servers would crash from the sheer number of viewers.  I admit to missing that certain odd charm to the wait, the crash and the eventual restoration so I could ruminate and ponder and dream.  I appreciate the new technology, and appreciate that the crash is a thing of the past, but, I keep the memory of the rush to beat others with great fondness.

In the second issue, I fell in love with Tempest .  I have been fascinated by this sweater forever and a day.  I look at samples of Fleece Artist BfL and dream and play even though I have yarn in my stash for it.  It never leaves my thinking.  It just fascinates me.

Undercurrent is another sweater that just doesn't leave my head.  I have already knitted one and have several sets of yarns bought purposefully for at least two more.  When I go out to a store, my eyes are always on the lookout for great combinations.

It goes the other way too.  I have yarn in my stash that I bought because knitting with it was just that good.  The yarn was discontinued and when I found my little stock of it, it was a bit of this colour, a bit of that, which together was enough to make a sweater.  I wasn't sure what to make with it, or how to get the bits to work together well, but then Laekur   popped onto my radar.  Knitty answers my quest yet again. 

And then, for those of us who are regular Knitty  viewers, there are midwinter treats.  Baltimore Tea Party is marvellous.  I have certain yarns which would be great for it.  And I can't wait to play, with it intricacy.  The wide bands of braiding is really innovative and I am fascinated.

Knitty has consistently proven to be THE place to find the next trend and for that, I thank the team making it happen.  You make my knitting life rich.  Thank you.

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Sel and Poivre said...

I love the Anne Weaver patterns too - especially Tempest. I have always stopped myself from making it or her other designs though fearing they won't look on my figure anything like they do on hers but now you're making me rethink that a bit. Hmmmmm