Friday, 27 January 2017

My books. I love them all.

I have lovely books, you know.  Stunning things really. Collected over a lifetime of reading, of crafting, of dreaming.  Of course the crafty books are most of the pretty ones.  Not all.  I have a particularly lovely copy of a study on a Book of Hours, a medieval type of prayer book, that is famed for its illustrations.  However, this evening I'm playing with the crafty books.

I came home to this. 

There were books on it at the time.  This has happened with this particular unit before.  It's just a Billy shelf, like all the others, but this unit just doesn't hold.  Granted it is usually the yarn book shelf and all those glossy pages mean the books are very very heavy.   I'm going to drill some holes and then put some screws through to the shelves.  It will help the excess spread in width and ought to do, to stabilize the bottom of the bookcase.

Yeah it isn't a perfect solution, but it will fix my problem and it won't be all that visible. 

In the mean time (my drill is not yet located) , I am looking at my books and having a glass of wine.  I highly recommend you do this too.  Unless you are reading this at breakfast.  Then Bailey's and coffee. Just sayin'. 

Just a few of my treasures.

 Above the broken shelves.
 And from the broken shelves.
 And a few that I just had to page through.

Piles of lovely books that are now in my living room and that are much more accessible than ever before.

 There was knitting, and

it's going to take a while till it looks much different, but I really am enjoying the knitting.

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Gaile said...

Hi! I kind of stumbled upon your blog today (I was on Ravelry looking to see what people had knitted with Scheepjes Donna & found your pullover which I commented on).

After clicking on your blog and seeing your current blog post about the Billy bookcases I thought I'd mention that I had the same issue with the shorter Billy cases, which my hubby solved by carefully drilling holes in the back end of the sides (into the bare particleboard) and attaching metal strapping with screws to pull the sides in. This meant I could still adjust the shelves easily and so far they are holding! We have several of the taller bookcases and I think because they have a fixed shelf in the midddle of the case it helps keep the sides from bowing out.

P.S. It's nice to see someone with as much yarn as me! I sorted mine last year into bins and it's helped me tremendously to keep it all organized as I slowly knit through it all.