Monday, 30 January 2017

A very Busy Weekend

And there was knitting!  But more importantly, there was a ton of knitting inspiration too.  I worked through my yarn.  Everything has been cleaned, tided, dusted and occasionally rebagged.  It is a really good days work.  

At the end of a day like that, you know what I find?  I don't just have lovely books.  I have some seriously fine yarn.   

 The outer multi coloured skeins are Adam and Eve from River City Yarns and the centre skein is Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock. They look very striking together, but I have no idea if I purchased them to be used together or not, but they sure are yummy.  
 And then some favourites from a few years ago, a gray from Invictus Yarns and the lovely purple gradient from Pigeonroof Studios.  This is going to be a striped eternity scarf for my daughter in law Amy
 And this gorgeous set is for my daughter in law Olga. Same project for her but soft green gradient and a really lovely skein of golden heathered browns, all from Pigeonroof Studios.
 A really stunning batch of yarns, from Elann. Probably my last purchase from them before they went to Amazon.  It a blend of merino and cashmere that were part of their A series yarns.
From that day that I expanded my Classic Elite Fresco stash so that I would have enough red and white yarn to do something grand.  It's so nice I almost hate to use it.  I just love petting it in the skein!
 Red from the near to original offering of Eden from River City Yarns. This is destined to be a Multnomah shawl.  I did this shawl in Eden in golds for a lady I worked with for a while, and it was just striking.  My turn.
 The purple hued Blue Jean colourway in Briggs and Little Sport
 And the truly Denim colourway in Briggs and Little Durasport
 Do you recall me me writing about the Laekur Sweater from  This is the yarn hash that I plan to use for it.  Natural grays and soft gray browns, in varying amounts, accented with the red.  Or black.  That is yet to be determined.
 And some sinfully delicious, sophisticated gray, again from River City Yarns and their Adam and Eve line.
 I was really proud of myself, getting all the yarn put away, but for the lace and the sock yarn. I want to have these a little closer to hand again.  The sock yarn, so I can use it more effectively, digging there before heading off to purchase more (it was at the bottom of a pile these last few months),  and the lace yarn, purely for inspiration. If I never knit a skein of it, it has done its job by making me want to live a knitting life.  I do plan to knit it though.  Don't get me wrong.  There are endless hours of delight in there.

Pride goeth before a fall.  Just as I was taking the photo, I found realized two containers of yarn were mixed in with the fabric boxes. I pulled them out so I could tuck them up high in the closet later.  Not too bad a days work, though, I thought.

Pride fell even harder as I was walking out to the kitchen to bask in my accomplishment.
There is yarn out in the hall too.  Forgot about that.  I am going to have to do a little more work in my yarn closet.  The rod and shelf are going to have to come out so that I can stack my containers one row higher. And then it will all fit.  Honest.

I had already set my sights on the other closet for spinning supplies.  I knew this house, with its standard closets, would never allow me to do a full wool room as I did in my wee house.  I do not want to mix it up spinning with yarn.  Yarn grows to whatever space I seem to allow it, and even for me, this has gone far enough.   

Anyway, off to the days tasks.  I have a book shelf to repair, a couple book cases to fill, and the spinning to order and sort. There is going to be time today to get a nice bit of knitting done too.  I think I am going to pull out Elfe today. Time to check the fit and that is always exciting. 

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