Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 at the end

2016 has been a year of sad things and happy things, but isn't that something that can be said of any year?  I will focus on the happier things though, the things that move forward. 

The painting is complete.  The landlord and I are totally thrilled by that!  (The landlord being my second son)  It's a while since I did that sort of work and I am not sure I have ever worked with someone else before. Most of my adventures were one room at a time and Brian did so much of the other work.  It wouldn't have been right if he had to do this too.  I do know that it was the first time painting on new drywall.  It's a much bigger job than just repainting.  Happy it is done is stating it lightly.

I am knitting today.  Working on my little Hitchhiker scarf.

It's right at the point where it feels like I have hardly knit anything, but where it suddenly is all about long rows and forever till you bind off to make the toothy edge. 

I'm not sure I am into the spotty dyed yarn, but it certainly is right for a pattern like Hitchhiker.

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