Saturday, 26 November 2016

Rams Horn

 I ought to be starting my version of the Rams Horn Cardigan

I have to confess that I'm just a little hesitant.  In fact so hesitant, that I knit an entire sweater avoiding it.  I know me.  I know how good I am at avoiding and on examination, the speed on my Argo, as good as it was all by itself, was fueled, pumped and pushed by the desire to hide from this one.  But I do need this heavily double stranded sweater to use as outer wear.  It's been ok till now, but...

 I think the biggest thing is that it is bottom up.  It's an awfully long time since I have done a bottom up steeked garment, and even longer since I did one for myself.  I know it's nothing to fear, but there is just that little bit of hesitancy  that I dont usually have. 

On the upside, the sweater starts with a folded hem, so there is a really nice base before you start the colour work.   There are all kinds of things that will be done to make this my sweater, but touches like this, which are so beneficial are not going to be changed. 

 I have the needles pulled, I have the yarn wound, and the pattern is out and waiting.  Just need to cast on.

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