Sunday, 27 November 2016

How you know it's a great sweater.

Even though I am not finished with the buttons on my Argo sweater, it sees frquent use.  Daily use, even if it is just for those first chilly minutes when I crawl out of bed.  Most mornings, I wear it upstairs till my coffee has warmed me up.

On days when things are not rushed, aka days when it isn't a school day or dance class day, I get to play and be silly with the little kiddies.  Usually, by the time my coffee is poured, they have finished their breakfasts but aren't yet dressed.  And they often want to snuggle in Grandmas sweater on Grandmas lap. 

 They climb aboard my lap and I take both sides and wrap them with the sides of my sweater, and close it up and hug them tight.  This is the best part of my day. 

And that is how I know Argo is a great sweater.  It opens up and wraps up around those I hold dear with plenty of room for more. 

Here is hoping the new one is half so grand.

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