Monday, 14 November 2016


It was an epic knitting weekend.  Saturday, sleeve one which was started late Friday, was completed.  Sunday the colour block at the bottom of the sweater (otherwise known as the hem ) was completed.

That's when I love knitting best.  When all the things you do mean you have something that is perfect length, perfect fit, perfect you.  Or as close to it as I will ever get.  At that point it got pretty exciting, because a full try on could be done.  And it was marvelous.

Even so, I had to really push to get the second sleeve completed.  Really push.

But the second sleeve is done.  All that remains is the button bands.

Which a smarter person than I would have just worked into the fronts.  Oh well, it gives me the chance to follow the pattern.  I am really pleased with this sweater. Really pleased.

I stopped the shoulder 'seams' just at the right time.  I changed the colour and stitch at just the right time.  I switched to garter stitch at exactly the right place on the bottom of the sweater.  AND IT FITS! Really well!

Its a good warm and yet moderately stylish colour blocked sweater, and I love it.


Sel and Poivre said...

Oh my goodness it looks (and sounds!) fantastic!

Christine said...

Looks amazing. Hope to see it in person soon!