Tuesday, 15 November 2016

And There We are. Sweater.

And there we have it.  Sweater complete!

I am so happy with this one.  It just turned out perfect. It is warm. It's likely the mule spun character of the yarn that lends itself to feel like this, but whatever else people may feel about this yarn, they cannot deny, they won't be cold in it.  The biggest bonus for me is that it is local to me.  Or at least as close as can be.  I love that.  It is as environmentally friendly as can be, a very low carbon footprint. 

For all that it has a very low carbon footprint, the sweater looks  surprisingly sophisticated.  Not sophisticated like modern opera sophisticated, but outdoorsy sophisticated, kind of like LL Bean sophisticated.  It has a very sure sense of style.  Country style but great for the city too.  Style for people with a close attachment to the outdoors.

 In a way, that used to be me.  Well more Brian really, but he would have appreciated this sweater.   As you can see, there are no buttons on it yet.  I have to put a backing on the button bands.  The buttons I have chosen for this sweater are a little heavy but the are undeniably right.  I am going to use buttons that I bought long ago, for him. 

It just feels like the right place to use them.  It certainly is the right kind of yarn for them.  Sturdy.  Something that will last. 

I started this sweater on Halloween and here we are.  Finished.  It's  what happens when I am inspired completely by something wonderful and this sure is.  Wonderful.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice sweater Needles!! I like the colours and it looks so classically comfortable. The buttons are gorgeous! Are they a Canadian product I just love them. They will look great with your work of Art.

Great job from F. in Alberta