Friday, 7 October 2016


I had travel plans for the weekend.  It didn't work out.  

 Yeah.  It happens.  It is October.

 I would still drive but my mum called and said to wait till next weekend.  My mom still cleans 2 condos and this snow is going to give her a load of extra cleaning.  So when she says she isn't wanting me to come this weekend it isn't personal, it is that she is going to be pooped and won't get to have a good visit. And I would really like a good visit with mom.  

Plus whatever cooking plans she has are that much harder to make happen when you don't feel good about driving on icy roads an aren't comfortable going out to get groceries.  And my mom is all about the cooking.

So, in order not to upset the weekend plans of family upstairs, I'm going to keep myself busy and knit me a quick sweater.  The debate is raging over which sweater and which yarn, but that is part of the fun. 

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