Monday, 26 September 2016

The most amazing day

Yesterday was the most amazing day.  A completely unexpected amazing day

I stayed at Mundare on Saturday night and did not get home till mid morning.  When I got home, I was told it's going to be busy today and we are glad you are here.  I more or less, kept the kids out of the way of the big stuff, while making sure Cassie saw the interesting stuff going on.  Mommy had a photo shoot and we were awash in beautiful costume.

 Just a few shots as they dressed and prepped, and a few closeups of the amazing dress.

I took a few closeups but nothing could adequately express the beauty, the feel of the work in these garments. 

These are each hand made and all are antique.  They are part of the collection of two of the ladies who organized the day and the project behind this most amazing photo shoot.  The collections goal is to have an example of the traditional costume of each area of the Ukraine. 

The most spectacular work was not the very ornate, flowery, beaded wonders, though they were spectacular.  The most amazing were the detailed work on the white on white dresses and the very small densely worked details of this simple costume. 

It looks very simple, doesn't it? 

But look at this detail shot. 


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