Thursday, 22 September 2016

And that sweater?

Today is supposed to be delivery day for the sweater.  I'm not there yet.  I am there tomorrow and the sweater has problems.  I have to redo the three needle bind offs and pick up a different number of stitches so the zipper sits smoothly in the whole.  It is a little crinkly looking right now.  Soon mended though.  Time for that this afternoon.

For now, I have socks. Well, a sock but the second is my daytime knitting with the kids.

 Isn't that a nice one?  I am so pleased with this colourway that I might go back and pick up exactly the same skein just to knit it again!

I knit this toe up with a more usual toe up toe. (It's a lot of toe ups in a single sentence) It also uses Maia's Toe Up Gusseted Heel  which explains how to make a gusseted heel by winging it when all you knew was a topdown heel. It's some great instructions if putting a heel flap on the bottom isn't something your mind wraps around easily.  It also is really good instructions for getting the fit just right. 

This is a really nice pattern, Prism, for when you just want a little something more than vanilla. 

So socks seem to keep happening when nothing else does.  There is almost always knitting.  Almost.  I wish there was more.

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