Monday, 22 August 2016

Or not

Like always, I make plans and then they fall apart right about where I start.

I picked up Isaac's sweater and rooted around till I found the zipper I was planning to use.  It was too short.  After rooting around for the zipper (where did I stuff that little thing) my whole room was pretty much ripped apart.  I took the zipper search as a sign that it was time to deal with that.

A couple trips to town later, I am done and it is working so much better here in my very small space.

What knitting time I did  have was put to good use.  I might not have socks but I do have all sorts of other ongoing little projects.

I came across this little thing.

When I picked this up, I was only an inch into the medium gray and now I am done that and am several inches into the light gray and not at all far from done.

The yarn is some leftover Illimani Royal Alpaca.  It is sinfully delicious to work with and wonderful to wear.  My 3 little bits didn't look like much but it seemed wrong not to use them up.  It is knit in a simple mistake rib stitch and when complete will be a short man scarf or will be a nice cowl, just long enough to wrap around your neck twice.

Somewhere today, I should be able to find enough knitting time to finish this, and a finished project after a good weekends work is always a win.

The plan didn't work out but I got a lot done.  I am good with that.

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