Wednesday, 24 August 2016

It sure is dark out there

The last couple of days have been rainy and wet here, and nights are seriously chilly.  It no longer seems like it is getting close to sweater weather.  It is sweater weather.

And 4 o'clock in the morning is still darkest night.  It doesn't pretend to be light, or even let you think it might be close to morning.  4 o'clock is still the middle of the night.  6 a.m. is now thinking about morning.  As I write, it is still not light enough to tell what kind of day it will be and sunrise is a good half hour away.

It is also sock weather.  It is time to take a serious look at all those socks I have been knitting and make heels and toes. 

Some of the new socks do have heels of various kinds and are ready to be pressed into service, but

there are 4 new pairs for me, plus two pairs of gift socks that need heels.  It is time to get that done.

But it is also time to go through the drawer to assess the heels on the existing stock of socks for wear.  I knew that in the spring, but summer makes it oh so easy to forget all the little things.  Or, if not to forget them to put them way far down the scale of things you need to do today.  I put socks on when I went out yesterday for the very first time in several months and it took a couple of tries before I had an entirely unholey pair to put on.

Cool fall nights and the definite crisp in the air make it ever so plain that these tasks, so easily put off, should not have been. Since finishing the last socks, I have been oddly at loose ends, but that is over now.  Heels. 

I have a goal.  It is a very good thing.

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Sel and Poivre said...

Yup, nothing better than a goal - especially a time-driven one eh?