Monday, 18 July 2016

The last knitting

The last knitting I did is days ago.  Saturday in real life, but it seems like days and days ago.  As I said, I baybysat for my other grandkids on Friday and thought I was finished.  But Sunday morning about 4 a.m. I got a text to come, if I was up, and stay with the boys while they took a very sick mommy to the hospital.  I did that and I am going back today too.  She has a case of pnuemonia, and is just not ready to do it alone.  With a fresh batch of drugs and a different bronchio dialator, she should be right as rain in a day or two. 

Makes me think of how far medical care has come.  Used to be people died of pnuemonia.  Now days, most people with it, continue to work through it and keep up with their ordinary days.  In this case, I think the first round of meds were not right, or strong enough and the infection just went a little farther than it usually does.

And I will be very very ready to knit and sleep and do little else for a while so I don't get sick myself when this day is done.  I crawled into bed last night at 6 pm and woke about 9 and then again at 5 ish a.m. but otherwise slept right through.  I am kind of looking forward to another day of long sleeps.  It means  I will catch up from this very busy weekend in one fell swoop. 

Time to roll. 

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