Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Of socks and sweaters

There is always a little knitting going on here.  Though the last couple of days it has been very little.  With the sweater for Isaac waiting for a try on so I know how the front needs to be worked, I feel a little out of sorts and at loose end.

And when that happens, socks are knit.

Thius batch of socks makes me feel particularly happy.  I love the colours of both of the dark socks and I can't wait to see how the heel innovation works on the blue socks.  All of these are second socks, so it would be, in truth, even nicer, if at least one of these were done. It feels like forever since they were begun.  The blue are recent but the others have been here since Christmas and before.

I need something new. I really want to knit something new, but I have one sweater yet of things I must knit before I take a break and knit only for me.  About the time I start thinking of fall sweaters, I will be ready for me. 

It's time.  Some of my sweaters, my favourites, are looking pretty well worn.

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Mari said...

I love the color of those socks - very earthy and beautiful :) I tend to knit socks on fall, don't know why...