Thursday, 23 June 2016

I'm exhausted.  No knitting happened, nor did I think about active knitting.  I am just tired. 

Not to be a downer.  I did spend some time looking for a sock pattern to knit.  I have some very pretty blue yarn.  It is almost a stripe but in varying shades of light to turquoise like blues.  It deserves something special. 

I thought it would be something lacey, and while that does always look nice, the more I look, the more I am thinking not lace, but rather something with some colourwork or texture.  This colourway looks particularly striking as colorwork.   

So.  There you have it. This affirmed plain sock knitter is looking ardently for a sock pattern to knit. 

Like I said.  I am tired.  To everything there is a season and apparently that goes for sock knitting too!

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