Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Sounds of Silence

I don't watch a lot of tv shows.  Here at the house there isn't any feed, except for the lone channel, CBC which tries to make sure that all Canadians get some kind of signal in these digital world days.  The days of over the air tv are almost gone.  I don't see shows like Dancing with the Stars in real time.  I see things like it when someone likes it on their facebook feeds.  So when something comes up from a show that is significant, and moves me, I go searching. The music and dance by this years winning team moved me incerdibly, but it was the song that held the power for me.  I went searching.

It may have been written out of 21 year old angst, but then, as now, this simple song had such power.

So yeah.  Here I am lover of Bach, and Mozart and opera and Pink, loving this cover by Disturbed, of the Sounds of Silence.  Withstanding my test of time, and getting so much better with age.

But then, aren't we all.

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