Friday, 6 May 2016

Road Trip

I went with my good friend, Frazzled Knitter, On a road trip yesterday. 

It started with my wheel repair.  I thought we could pick up the parts at the shop, but Louet shipped directly to me.  We did not need to go, but once the idea of a road trip is launched, a road trip just seems like a must do.

We stopped only at Shuttleworks, this time.  The owners are retiring and closing shop and we wanted to go once more before it was gone.  Such a great place.  They had a very large warehouse and it was hard to imagine it with lower than stuffed stock levels.  They still have all kinds of wonderful things, just not the complete selection that they used to carry.  But...I picked up some great things.

Brown Sheep fingering.  Plenty for a sweater.  This is actually such a wonderful, muddy, goldy green.  Really stunning.

 A brilliant violet cone of Harrisville Shetland in all its heathered goodness.

and another of a lovely heathered lilac.

 And a second cone of Brown Sheep fingering.  Full one pound cone.

 I missed this book when I was browsing the book cases, but my friend found it and thought I might be interested.  I fair grabbed it out of her hand in a most unseemly fashion.  I have loved this wee book forever but it is rare to find on book shelves.  Dainty tiny angels.  Sigh.

And this.  My collection of the best stitch directories is now complete.  It's just a really great
find and also, a little harder to come by in Canada.  I can't read a word of it, it is entirely in German, except for the sheet with English translations for the symbols so there shouldn't be any trouble using it and I am just thrilled to have it.

I also picked up a cone of Zephyr Wool Silk laceweight in a brilliant yellow.  I have a soft yellow around here somewhere, but this stronger yellow is much more me. 

And you can see a pair of cotton/linen cones of yarn one a dark Navy and the other a blue.  I have one cone of one of these colours already and had always wished I had a little more. I don't know which blue it is though, so I came home with both.  Better safe than sorry.  The other will be used for something wonderful, I am sure. It should work up at a wonderfully fine laceweight. 

We traveled in a leisurely fashion and stopped at the most amazing bistro in Okotoks for lunch, the 1882 Bistro.  Seriously.  Great. Soup.  Full Stop.  And a salmon quiche that is beyond divine. 

It was a wonderful day, but for the lack of rain.  And that too will come, in due course, I hope.

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