Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Cool stuff about continental combined knitting

As I learned more about knitting, one of the best things that happened was that I learned how to knit like everybody else, but I do it my way.  It struck me today, how much of a joy this is.  It's  rebellious me sticking it to the world that said I wasn't doing it right.

My quick and easy scoop a purl means that the stitches on my sock ribbing would be twisted if I knit like most people.  So I purl through the back loops.  And I like it. Most people don't like that move, but for me a double or even a triple just is not a problem.  Well maybe a triple is work, but the move is so easy and natural that the back loop purl rounds are slightly faster that the knit rounds.

Just one of the things I love when I knit socks.   

And here they are, ready for heels.

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