Monday, 2 May 2016

Going through stuff

One of the things that happens when you move is that you often have to change how you store things.

Such is what is happening with my works in progress boxes.  There just isn't room for two cube storage type footstools.  There really isn't.  They were in my way every single time I did anything in here.

So I have been assessing the best way to keep them.  I don't have nearly so many as I used to, but when I have a WIP I keep all the yarn for the project together with it.  It makes it easier to NOT avoid a project but it does mean there is a fair bit of stuff to put in the bin.  I resolved that over the weekend.  A nice new  bin, fits an odd but really easy to get to space at the end of my bed.  It's a small crack of space, only about 8 inches wide, but this long shallow bin fits perfectly.

And further, if required, I could toss this bin the other way and stick another of the same size in that spot!

You also see the box with the spinning wheel repair parts in the picture.  That is getting addressed today.  Wheel repair, here I come!

I also took some time to repair my needle case.

Forgive the fuzzy tip photo.  The regular needles are in cut down to fit the case, ziplocs, and after all these years, they are still working marvelously and are in great shape.  The little pouches from Knitpicks, not so much. The closures were long gone and it was time to change out the storage.

The needles are now in ziplocs, just like the rest of the needles.

And then, I think because I was digging anyway, I worked on a couple different things.  More about that tomorrow! 

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