Friday, 27 May 2016

A To Do List

When I woke this morning, I heard it raining.  The birds are singing now and there are no other sounds.  It's very quiet.  I have missed this deep quiet the last few years. 

So here is today's run down of things to do:

1.  I don't have to go anywhere.
2. House is officially done as of noon today.
3. I have all kinds of fibre to think about for Tuesday spinning. 
 A beautiful Polworth, 
 a Fleece Artist braid,
 A lovely Top Knot,
 Pure vibrant silk,
 the most delicious Malabrigo roving,
Two lovely braids of luscious hand dyed goodness from Colour Adventure.

Sorry.  I forgot where I was for a moment.

4.  Good things to knit 
              - Isaac's sweater
              - His mom's sweater
              - Bridgewater?

Such a lovely list.  

And if luck follows today, there will be a couple of new to me movies arriving on my doorstep.  The lookout is for a great weekend!


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