Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Just Movin' Along

A hot and lovely day yesterday has left me with the urge to sort some irritating stuff out.  I spent much of the day getting a shelf up and reorganizing my computer and all my audio visual things here.  They were threatening to overwhelm me.  I mean, there were two boxes just with cords and I still didn't know where all the cords were for.  Its really silly, but they are now, most tidy in one much smaller box. I couldn't even go to bed last night until that stuff was sorted, since the sorting happened on my bed.

Today I have been focusing on getting to my drawers.  With only a small room for all my junk  treasures, space is at a premium and I need every square inch of space I have.  The problem is, that when the drawer unit was tucked into the closet with my desk, I didn't see that the drawers couldn't open because of the doors.  Had I seen that, I would have made the change before all the computer stuff was set up.  

The boys, who did the physical lifting for my move, said no way could they do anything to get the drawers so they could open, short of removing the closet doors.  The son who installed said closet doors, said over his dead body, so there I sat for a whole month, with every pen, paper, staple stamps, etc way up on a shelf in a mish mash of boxes.  I hate that kind of thing particularly when I have the room and empty drawers.  So, as usual, the only thing to do was to make it work.

 As you can see, the drawers will open easily now.  Critical flaw in the original set up?  The computer cables came up at the side of the desk, taking up that infinitesimal amount of space that I required to wedge the drawer unit between desk leg and closet door.  

I am woman.  Hear me roar.  *

*I would shout that but it took me an entire morning before I saw the trouble.

Note to self:  Everything goes so much easier when you understand the source.  

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Sel and Poivre said...

My goodness that looks very neat, tidy and functional all at the same time. It must feel good to get it all sorted.